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Boston Bruins Standings

If you’re a Boston Bruins fan, keeping up with the team’s standings is an essential part of following their progress throughout the season. The Boston Bruins are a professional ice hockey team that competes in the National Hockey League (NHL) and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. They are one of the oldest and most successful NHL teams, having won six Stanley Cup championships.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Boston Bruins standings, including how they are calculated, where to find them, and how to interpret them.

How Are Boston Bruins Standings Calculated?

The Boston Bruins standings are calculated based on the number of points they have accumulated over the course of the season. In the NHL, teams are awarded two points for a win, one point for an overtime or shootout loss, and no points for a regulation loss. The total number of points a team has earned is then used to rank them in their division and conference.

Where to Find Boston Bruins Standings?

Boston Bruins standings are widely available online and in various sports news outlets. The official NHL website is the most reliable and up-to-date source for the team’s standings. Other sources include sports news websites, newspapers, and mobile apps.

Interpreting Boston Bruins Standings

The Boston Bruins standings can be interpreted in several ways, depending on your perspective. The most basic interpretation is to look at the team’s overall ranking in their division and conference. This can give you a sense of how well they are doing compared to other teams in their league.

Another way to interpret the standings is to look at their win-loss record and points accumulated. A team with a high number of wins and points is likely performing well, while a team with more losses than wins may be struggling.

It’s also important to keep track of the number of games a team has played. The more games a team has played, the more accurately their standing reflects their performance over the course of the season. For example, a team with a 5-1 record may be ranked higher than a team with a 3-0 record, but if the latter team has only played three games, it’s too early to draw any conclusions about their overall performance.


In summary, Boston Bruins standings are a critical component of following the team’s progress throughout the season. Understanding how the standings are calculated, where to find them, and how to interpret them is key to keeping up-to-date with the latest developments. Whether you’re a die-hard Bruins fan or just a casual observer, following the team’s standings is an excellent way to stay engaged with one of the most exciting teams in the NHL.

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